2011 Crusade

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Billy: Ok, so here it is……..I am tired of not seeing all your asses. I have taken it upon myself to tell all of your we are going to Vegas, Miami, or some other non-family friendly place in late spring or early summer 2011 for a long weekend at the very least. I will be looking into my timeshare to see what is available, but we can talk about what is best together. There are a few things you should all know:

1) Attendance is mandatory, I am giving enough notice so……. no money, my wife blah, blah, blah, the kids blah, blah, blah will not be an excuse.

2) Drugs are a part of life so deal with it…..and bring them.

3) I will not be responsible for any arrests, marital indiscretions, or hospital bills.

We have been talking about this shit for too long and it is time for action.

I will take care of all the arrangements in terms of the place….(unless) someone has a rich dirty uncle with a place in some paradise or something like that. All you need to worry about is getting there and of course money for food, hookers, uppers, downers, weed, geez, shrooms, acid, and beer.

No, I have not lost my mind……just miss my friends and want to start some type of tradition.

Bryan: USA! USA! USA! USA!… What a beautiful speech. I’m ready to play hooker… I mean hooky from my life

Billy: that’s mutha-fuckin right, bryan…….. Rocky beats Drago everytime….i knew i could count on you……

Yosh: Nice! I love it. Finally, a man of action, and not wimpering!! I am in no matter what it takes. I will talk to Casey, but that talk will go like this…..”We’ll tell you what weekend!”

FUCKING A! Somebody did it the right way! Love you, Billy, let’s do this right!!!

Just please, don’t let me sleep anywhere near Viscardi. He just makes me hot…….

Klutch: I am speechless….. I will committ to the following;

- flying anywhere it takes to get this done

- spending gross amounts of money on drugs and alcohol

- bringing Father Fireside with me for moral support

- crawling in and out of a chemical induced rabbithole

- speaking of Rabbit- I will throw up on him

- I will beat Staffaroni in arm wrestling

- possibly throw break pads through someone’s car window or storefront.

I think you all get the idea- Nicely done Billy!!

I am so fired up I just might drink Jack Daniels on this Sunday night-

Jones: I am going to personally save up all my energy to crush you fuckers if you do not commit. Witness my tackle of Joey in the street, for which I am sorry Joey. Oh, and if it’s any surprise I have been pounding Jack and smoking Kools since Billy’s notification.

PS…if we go to Miami brush up on your spanish. The hookers don’t communicate that well to us gringos.

Jay: I am Billy Messer and I approve this message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony: Thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately I believe I have received this message in error. I don’t know you people nor do I care to be associated with such dregs of society as you all seem to be.

That being said, I’m so fucking in under two conditions. First I get dibs on bunking with Yosh. Second, all cameras, video equipment, and any other recording devices be checked at the door.

I can’t wait to see Klutch dry humping Mike Tyson’s tiger. And does this mean Casey’s out of the witness protection program??

See you soon bitches.

The Farm 07/30/05 Pt. 1

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It all starts here.

Download Photo Set (2.4mb zipped)

The Farm 07/30/05 Pt. 5

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A gaggle of antics and several viscious delights to be had by all.

Download Photo Set (1.7mb zipped)

The Farm 07/30/05 Pt. 4

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More farm goodness.

Download Photo Set (1.7mb zipped)

The Farm 07/30/05 Pt. 3

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Who wants more farm photos?

Download Photo Set (1.9mb zipped)

The Farm 07/30/05 Pt. 2

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Anybody up for round 2?

Download Photo Set (2mb zipped)

White Trash Party

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The infamous white trash party. Smurf houses for all, skiing equipment, awful t-shirts, spam, an otter or two and peeing anywhere you want.

Download Photo Set (1mb zipped)

Staff vs Klutch

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Staff serenades Klutch while he plays Guitar Hero.

Greg Messer’s Rangers Game Announcement

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A huge thanks to Anthony Brezac for hooking this up! If the video doesn’t work below, click here.

Here’s a couple of other video clips to remember Greg… The Night Before Billy’s Wedding and Singing White Lion.

Joey’s 02/12/05

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Another night of random lunacy including pranks, poker, pee, antiquing and eggs.

Download Photo Set (1.2mb zipped)

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